Peter Drutz

“Sophie is a consummate professional. She is poised, knowledgeable and more importantly highly insightful into the selling process. Her insights to human behavior and how it relates to performance were invaluable.”

— President, KanKare Home Services


mary morassutti

“Sophie is a strategic, she uses real examples, she is relevant & builds trust fast! As my advisor, Sophie helped me see that; I was skipping essential steps in the sales process and I was moving too fast. Since working with Sophie I am more polished, I am able to identify pain points and I position value. DEALS ARE CLOSING FAST AND EFFORTLESSLY!”

— Founder, H.U.B Inc


“Sophie helps leaders recognize their sharp edges, become self-aware and increase their personal effectiveness in leading others. She teaches leaders how to ask the right questions, and she shows you how to coach and develop your people in a way that stimulates change. She delivers practical insights that leaders can act upon quickly and addresses uncomfortable issues in a safe and non-threatening way. Sophie has that rare combination that makes a great teacher, thought leader, classroom facilitator and coach.”

— President, Home Loans CIBC



“Sophie is honest, highly insightful, direct and has your back! I was stuck and hit a plateau. Sophie helped me see what was in my blind spot holding me back. She gave me the confidence to implement a new strategy that was aligned with who I am. I got over my fear and filled 2 courses. Sophie empowered me to make bold moves that were pivotal to my business.”

— Founder, Speaker, Business Coach


“Sophie is the best facilitator and coach that I have witnessed in action, and I've had the privilege to work with some of the very best. Her approach is very personal and real, and she connects deeply with each person. She does so quickly from the outset. As a result, each person engages quickly and earnestly in the learning. Sophie allows people the space to struggle in order to learn, and ensures everyone gets that respect and opportunity. She puts people to work like no other and keeps the experience fast-paced. In our work together, the affinity people developed for her as a result was tangible. And the impact was top-notch.”

— President, go to market agility



“Sophie is wonderful, I love her, 1 short hour translated into a stronger vision for my company!” I found it challenging to position my company with strength and attract high quality strategic partners.  Sophie taught me how to prepare and conduct the sales conversation. How I do business now is very different.  My strategy has changed and I have landed the partners I’ve been looking for. Sophie’s strategies are relevant and they work!”


Dana Dorcas

“Sophie is a master facilitate and a true professional.  I had the pleasure of working with Sophie on a recent project.  Because of her knowledge and skills, she effectively navigated through an unstructured pilot training class in a way that brought value to our efforts and won the classroom’s attention and support.  Sophie reacts quickly, makes necessary adjustments and does it with class. Highly recommend her talents.”

Senior Director Sales Development, US Cellular



“Sophie worked for JTI as a Sales Trainer during our National Sales Conference.  I found her incredibly engaging, thought provoking and passionate about the business.  In short, her energy is contagious and her ability to move a large group of people was fascinating to be a part of.  Sophie was a pleasure to work with.”


Sue Molyneaux

“Sophie Boyko represents a breath of fresh air in the realm of Executive Coaching. Sophie's precise and clear coaching comes from her extraordinary ability to listen to what is in the way with respect to performance from her clients. I retained Sophie to work with the Founder of a software company whose goal was to generate specific revenue targets by year end. In the very first meeting, Sophie powerfully listened to the issues her client was dealing with. In subsequent meetings she had the client see what was in the way of taking his leadership to the next level. Sophie was clear and direct in her coaching, yet actively listened to the barriers and challenges to ensure the client always felt he was being heard. Sophie Boyko has a gift in the area of coaching. To produce the results you want, she's worth the investment.”

— VP HR, Refined Data


Jason Julian

“Sophie is high energy and focused.  She is able to teach concepts that can be easily adaptable in multiple areas of life.  Her skills are transferrable and the approach to teaching is engaging rather than most boring seminars where you simply sit and listen and take notes hoping one day you will apply what was written.  I definitely recommend her.”

Director of Sales, Forresters Insurance

Ashley Valentine

“While managing Professional Development for iShares, I worked with Sophie on several workshops for experienced and successful sales people. Sophie is able to establish trust and credibility very quickly. This allows for participants to go more deeply in their work and find the things that distinguish them as professionals. Sophie is able to guide participants to greater awareness of how to achieve higher results. In my 20 year career in financial services, I have worked with a lot of high-caliber facilitators and coaches - and Sophie is one of the best.”

Head of HR, RS Investments


Raymond Daigneault

“We hired Sophie based on her experience and specialized knowledge as a sales consultant and coach. Sophie provided us with professional sales and marketing support for over 2 years. She helped us design a sales program targeting senior executives, and supported the implementation and continuous improvement of the program. Her insights, results, and professional advice added value to our consulting firm.”

SR VP, Capelle Associates

Leslie Bennett

“Working with Sophie is always a profound experience. From her quick understanding of the content and application process, Sophie has an exceptional way of integrating a distinction into what is relevant in the room and provides value for her clients. Her listening of me and others is uncanny. She has the capacity to hear what is being said through the words that are being spoken. She is an expert on listening for the commitments, values and beliefs and always has me see something else for myself that I didn't know. She creates a space that is safe and welcoming. She is direct and to the point and always engages her audiences. If you are looking to hire a speaker or trainer, Sophie is a true professional.”



Sherry Wilson

“At TELUS, ours sales teams all enjoyed the benefit of Sophie's expertise (and straight-shooter approach and style of facilitation). We improved results within the first month following Sophie's guidance, and our sales professionals recognized the knowledge transfer for themselves and their teams through Sophie's coaching.

Establishing trust early and credibility throughout our partnership, Sophie delivered meaningful guidance and leadership in the areas of new business development. She offers incredible depth of experience and work habits to positively affect customer satisfaction and loyalty.”

Program Manager, Business Enablement, Telus

Myron Simon

“From 0-10 Employees Hired and $16 Million in LESS than 6 months! What I have learned from Sophie has been invaluable to my success as a manager. Before I took the program I was recently promoted into the management role. I had 0 employees and $0 Mortgages funded. After the program I had 3 employees hired and $1 million funded in 30 days!  It’s now just over 5 months after the program and I have 10 employees, $16,122,000 and 45 mortgages funded. Sophie helped me be successful fast. What I learned from her is to ask challenging, thought provoking questions and drill down. I learned how to listen deeply, I learned how to work through challenges by speaking to what is really going on and getting to the heart of the matter and I learned that how you position anything is crucial to your success.  

What is most important to me is that I have the coaching and communication skills to empower my people to hold themselves accountable; I know how to design activities that build skills; my team knows that I support them and I feel I am providing positive change.”

Area Sales Manager, CIBC – Mortgage Channel


Marcus Johnson

“Sophie provided marvelous insight to what motivates people.  I have used her coaching tips for years to inspire and influence project teams.  As a result, Sophie’s techniques have allowed me to leverage personal traits, which I previously took for granted, to influence my team to perform beyond expectations.”

Acquisition & Franchise Development, H&R Block

Stephen Elliott

“Sophie is a talented and compassionate human being who competently listens for what is most important to you and your organization. In doing so, she magically helps you discover how to get what you want with immediate impact. I would recommend Sophie's talent to any person or organization considering the possibility of reaching a higher level of performance.”

Co-Founder, Merchantocracy


Sean McMurray

“Sophie’s ability to connect our thoughts to our issues was amazing.  She pushed us to look at how we learn and how we interact with ourselves on a daily basis.  I have been in the management/sales profession for over 20 years and I have never had a day as fun and full of new ideas and ways to better connect with prospects.  I have put the learning to practice and the results speak for themselves.  More appointments booked with more meaningful meetings.”

Senior Account Manager, Telus

Mahmoud Zaerian

“I've had the privilege of working with Sophie on a number of occasions, and each time she has delivered beyond my expectations. What I value most is her ability to provide what is needed to have me go out and produce great results. In fact after each session with her there was a tangible difference in production and improvement in service delivery. I greatly value her integrity, it separated her from others that I have worked with and left me with the experience of being completely valued and cared for. Thank you Sophie for making the difference with my growth and development and the success of my business ventures.”

Business Owner


Dylan Pask

“I've had the pleasure of working with Sophie on several occasions. Her professionalism and ability to diagnose her client's needs, address them and produce results is unprecedented. Her skills in public speaking, training and coaching combined with her optimistic and open minded stance, produce a rarity in the training and coaching industry - a professional who is kind, and easy to relate to, and therefore easy to learn from. To be trained by Sophie is a privilege. I look forward to working with her again and wish her nothing but the best in her future endeavors.”

Business Owner